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Royal Ossetia.

Below you will find a brief account of the marital ties of the Alanic royal families and nobility with those of other ancient states.

Armenian Tzar Artashes was married to Alanic Princess Satinik (II B.C.). Vsevolod III "The Big Nest" (1176-1212) the Prince of Vladimir (the Kievan Rus', presently Russia) was married to Great Alanic Princess Maria. One of Maria's 8 sons, Fiodor, became the Prince of Novgorod (Northern Russia), then Vladimir. Maria's son Yaroslav was the father of the legendary Russian National Hero Prince Alexander Nevsky. The Prince of Chernigov (the Kievan Rus', presently Ukraine) Mstislav Svyatoslavovich was married to Princess Maria's sister.

Prince Yaropolk (the legendary Vladimir Monomakh's son) was married to Alanic Princess Yelena.

Byzantine Emperor Constantin IX Monomakh (1042) was married to an Alanic Princess.

Byzantine Emperor Michael VI (1071-1078) was married to Alanic noble woman Maria.

Joseph, the son of the Tzar of Khazaria Aaron (the 10-th century) was married to the Alanic Tzar's daughter.

Georgian Tzar George I (1014-1027) was married to Alanic Princess Alda.

Alanic Prince David Soslan (1184-1212) was married to the famous Georgian Czarina Tamara.

Georgian Tzar George III was married to Alanic Princess Budurkhan.

Georgian Tzar Bagrat IV was married to Alanic Princess Borena.


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