Эксперт сварки

The State Emblem is the state symbol of the R.S.O.

The Eagle in the Emblem stands for generosity, bravity and freedom. The swastika on the chest of the eagle signifies eternal life, endless moves and changes. Being a symbol of the Sun, it has three ends. he trinity is the main priciple of most religions - it signifies Father - Son - Holy Spirit, the God - man - nature, soul - body - spirit, past - present - future. The colors are: white for wisdom, red for power and energy, yellow for abundance. These colors are the national colors of Ossetia and are on the flag of both South and Noth parts of the land.

In the talons and on the wings of the eagle one can see: the Wasamonga cup, a pole-axe, an oak branch, hop and ears of wheat. According to the ancient Ossetic myths (Nartian epos) all these things were given by God to the Narts, the legendary forefathers of the Ossetes since ancient times. Hop is the symbol of finding the Eternity. Ears of wheat stand for peace and prosperity. The word Wasamonga translates from Ossetic as "Teaching the holy". In the Nartian epos(Narty Kadgita) the wasamonga cup proclaimed truth and exposed lies. The cup for every Ossete is the symbol of Justice and equality of all before the laws of morality.


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